“How to Get the Free Magic Cube”

Hi guys this application helps you get the magic cube you’re going to enter your cell phone to the application of free fire once inside we’re going to go to luck royale where we can notice the new and wonderful suits of free fire, we need to get diamond royale tickets.

you can get it in the missions that gives you daily game where you can have great and wonderful experience in explicit game where you will find new methods of entertainment, characters, clothes, skins, weapons, emotes with this application.

Once you get the tickets (the amount of them depends on how much you need to achieve the goal) once you get the stickers will proceed to give mega luck royale diamonds.

  • we must enter the game first .
  • then we go to the store
  • We’re headed to redeem
  • Then we go to the token ff section.

The most important thing is to have fragments to change them for 10 special vouchers.

After this we must go to the luck royale /royale diamonds.

.and give him where the 10 special vouchers come out and ready so you can get many magic cubes in free fire you can more fragments, clothes, the most current skin, more special vouchers, emotes, masks, diamond discounts, character fragments, etc..

Getting the magic cube is not so difficult, all you have to do is get “DIAMOND TIKETS” give turns on the diamond luck royale and wait for luck.

there are several ways to get diamond tikets one of them is with “CLAN TOKENS” which are easy to get.

You just have to play with someone from your clan and that’s it.

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